Brand intro
Sexy tea is the first milk tea store that is famous Chinese tea culture. Since open, our shop takes unique, delicate, fresh and healthy styles as the core. Also, it continues to update the products. All of goods produced by sexy tea use fresh milk and plain tea as raw materials, which is the key to win for the taste and quality.

Distinctive design

In terms of design, the sexy tea adopts unique Chinese style, making every milk tea cup full of national cultural style. Thanks to the fantastic design, the cup is not only a container, but also an art that deliver Chinese history.

Besides, when constructing the store, advanced non-toxic and pollution-free decoration materials are adapted in all stores, which aims to achieve environmentally-friendly goal. It is worth mention that the store is designed by the most famous and influential designers and built by the professional construction team, perfectly cooperating creation and design ideas. The overall decoration of the stores is characterized by fashionable and distinctive design. Helped by the pleasant arrangement of green plants, the whole feeling of  the store is soft and fantastic. It also makes the sexy tea become one of the ideal places for both leisure and entertainment activities.

Now, the sexy tea is a large enterprise which integrates the R&D, production and sales of milk tea. It has become the most popular tea brand.

As one of the most popular milk tea brand, providing customers with high quality leisure space, service and flavour is the main mission for the sexy tea.
At present, the sexy tea has promoted several online-star products which adpot fresh milk and tea as raw materials, including: YOU LAN LATTE / White Peach Oolong / Matcha Oolong Raisins / Osmanthus Oolong
In addition, the sexy tea continues to develop a variety of milk tea flavours and introduce them to the markets.
Corporate development:
The sexy tea enters into Australia in 2017, opening its first store in Burwood where gathered many Chinese people. Contributed by the unique tea taste as well as fashionable Chinese style decoration, it attracts considerable visitors. When the sexy tea opens, it has won numerous loyal Australian and Chinese customers. In 2018, another store will open in George St which is the most flourishing business street in Sydney.
Future development:
In the future, the corporation will quickly establish more stores in several Australian states and cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Tasmania so that such delicious milk tea taste can be shared worldwide.
The sexy tea will maintain its exceptional Chinese design style and adhere to use healthy high quality materials without pigment essential. It will also continuously improve and breakthrough the taste to make it become more suitable for Australians.
The sexy tea will lead the new development of milk tea industry.
The popularity of the sexy tea will bring more people and create more benefits to the landlord and the nearby merchants, achieving mutual development and win-win situation.